Auckland Civil Defence, a division of Auckland Council is today launching a new public alert system for the entire region to better prepare for natural disasters, which includes targeting the estimated half million Aucklanders using smartphones.

Aucklanders can now download the free ‘Auckland Civil Defence’ application on any smartphone handset, including iPhone, Android and Windows devices. After registering their contact details within the app, Aucklanders will receive advance notification of impending disasters such as tsunamis and cyclones, as well as important advisories from civil defence authorities following major catastrophes such as earthquakes.

Rebel Group, part of the Super Retail Group Limited, has unveiled a mobile Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) audit software solution which will be used to help protect 5,000 staff across the company's nationwide network of 140 sports stores. Built on the Blink Mobility Platform the new process will dramatically cut the time required to conduct each audit and all but eliminates paper-based OHS audits within the Group.

The OHS system was developed by specialist IT services company and BlinkMobile partner, Multibase, using the blinkForms module which enables the rapid design and sharing of electronic forms across all mobile devices.

Forum Agrees: IT is still coming to grips with questions of system security, device support and application mobility

Although keen to tap into the benefits of employee mobility and enhanced collaboration, up until now considerations such as security, device support and application mobility have caused organisations to hold back, a forum of Australian IT experts agreed today.

BlinkMobile has today announced the launch of its international language version of the Blink Mobility Platform. BlinkMobile’s Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) is Asia Pacific’s own unique cloud-based solution that enables enterprise-sized organisations to design, build, deploy and manage all manner of mobile services for internal and external users.

Effective immediately, BlinkMobile partners and customers will be able to create mobile-enabled applications and HTML5-based web apps in their own language and character set, drawing on all of the highly productive and robust MEAP features of the Blink Mobility Platform.