Orchestration Services

  • These services, vital for complex integrations into multiple corporate systems, includes an Authentication Gateway plus Synchronous and Asynchronous support for both stand-alone and multi-part workflows.
  • The services provide a powerful managed environment built on open standard software for developing and managing APIs for integrating mobile interactions with core business systems. They can be used to provide work-in-progress stores, background assembly of lengthy or data heavy tasks as well as intelligent caching for performance optimisation.

IaaS, mBaaS, MADP, MEAP. What's the difference

Analysts feel compelled to categorise and compare new companies and products.

Read our blog post to help you understand the acronym soup.

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The Blink Mobility Platform

There are many challenges an organisation needs to face to properly develop, deploy and manage multiple enterprise apps. Learn why an enterprise mobility strategy is different to accumulating stand-alone apps and where an enterprise mobility platform adds most value.