Onsite Rentals

Onsite Rental Group dramatically lifted productivity, improved its risk management and significantly reduced operating costs with an enterprise mobility solution on the Blink Mobility Platform.

Onsite Rental Group is a large equipment hire company with a focus on the construction and mining sectors. They employ around 500 people across 31 regional offices and more than 50% of staff are equipped with mobile devices.

ACDC Engenharia Case Study

AC/DC Engenharia Ltd is an engineering and construction company based in Florianopolis, Brazil. They provide services to the electrical generation, transmission and distribution industry. Those services range from project planning and technical consulting, system design and installation, to the inspection and maintenance of measurement and control systems within electrical installations.

AC/DC Engehharia employs around 40 field technicians and provides services to many organisations across Brazil’s 26 states and territories.

Brisbane Catholic Education

Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) operates within the Archdiocese of Brisbane. It provides high quality teaching and learning for almost 71,000 students from preparatory school to year 12 through a community of 137 schools and colleges. While each of the schools is locally managed, the BCE office offers umbrella support in the form of management, administrative, learning and teaching and employee services. It also provides a broad range of resources, including information technology systems, which the schools are invited to adopt.

In the last decade or so, technology has dramatically changed the way schools communicate with parents and the community. There’s an immediacy that simply didn’t exist years ago. In many BCE schools for example, SMS messages are sent on a daily basis to the parents of any absent students. It’s a welcome service that reassures parents of the whereabouts of their children and helps to ensure student attendance is tightly monitored.

New South Wales Food Authority

The New South Wales Food Authority (NSWFA) is the state government agency responsible for ensuring food sold in the state is safe and correctly labelled and that consumers are able to make informed choices about the food they eat.

The Authority provides a single point of contact on food safety and regulation for industry, local government and consumers..

As a through-chain food regulatory agency it comprehensively regulates and monitors food safety – from primary production through to point-of-sale.

Every year the Authority deals with over 14,000 licensed food businesses. It handles in excess of 12,000 audits and inspections, assessing businesses for compliance against 78 different license requirements. Its staff respond to more than 2,000 complaints annually.