Healthcare Fact Sheet

  • Friday, 30 October 2015 09:06
  • BlinkMobile

In line with most developed nations, the number of Australians over 65 has tripled in the last 50 years and is set to continue its growth as the dominant population segment, placing increased pressure on health systems for years to come.

So maximising operating efficiency, automating manual processes to save time, improve accuracy in reporting and providing instant access to information - should be on every Healthcare provider’s radar, to utilise limited and vital funds to their greatest potential.

Accordingly there’s little doubt that mobile and other emerging technologies are set to play a dominant role in meeting such demands. So while it’s OK to start small, its most important to begin the journey both technically and culturally.

Aged and Disability Care Fact Sheet

The Federal Government’s introduction of Consumer Directed Care (CDC) brings with it many new challenges for Managed Care providers.

What will it take to meet the new government CDC reporting standards? With funding packages still capped and new approval rounds highly competitive - how do you differentiate and ensure your organisation gets the funds it needs? How do you provide a higher level of service and position yourself to attract clients able to choose amongst providers?

Education Fact Sheet

As a sector, education faces many communication challenges while being under constant budget pressure and arguably one of the least able to invest in new technologies. Schools, the wider school community and the overarching agencies all face increased demand for better and more timely information.

Some communication needs are based around end-user convenience and the challenges of dealing with changeable information – Is the event on or off? Has it been moved? Is it still running on time? While other information directly reflects the educators ‘duty of care’ and how they properly respond to urgent or emergency situations.

Aviation Fact Sheet

With smartphone adoption at an all time high the modern day visitor demands relevant personalised information on demand. A typical visitor experience starts before they arrive in the terminal with pre arrival bookings and parking services and extends right through their visit from check-in to departure.

Apps developed on the Blink Mobility Platform can interface with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) location aware Beacons to monitor the number of guests arriving and departing, provide accurate dwell time statistics for effective queue and crowd management and provide guests with time and location context offers.

Location aware mobility is paramount to achieving a seamless guest experience. The latest BLE technologies provide the capability to interact with Airport guests like never before.