Sunshine Coast Council

  • Wednesday, 13 May 2015 10:00
  • Written by  BlinkMobile

“Being a hosted platform, BlinkMobile offers council the ability to quickly build mobile websites rather than having many applications that would be platform, or operating system, specific. Consequently, the Sunshine Coast Council mobile site reaches a far wider community because and device that runs a web browser can view the site. This platform has allowed us to develop all the functionality in-house, which helps us to contain costs. We also use BlinkMobile for a variety of internal applications for our field staff."

“Our public mobile site includes geo-location of all council public facilities, providing maps and directions for residents and visitors to the region. Residents can also log work requests directly with council. This includes the geo-location, and the ability to change the location if necessary. Our field staff use a similar form that interfaces directly with our asset management system. "

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