BlinkMobile - Auckland City Council Case Study

  • Monday, 20 June 2016 08:53
  • BlinkMobile

Katerina Solomona talks to BlinkMobile about how the Blink Mobility Platform has helped Auckland City Council's inspectors managing building control, building inspections and development applications which is returning rate payers and developers a faster service.

BlinkMobile - 2015 Newi Awards Ceremony Presentation

  • Tuesday, 13 October 2015 10:08
  • BlinkMobile

The NEWi Awards celebrates the best digital innovation in online marketing, cloud computing, mobile application, and online content production in regional Australia. Now in its 5th year, the NEWi Awards has quickly grown to become Australia’s leading awards for regional digital innovators, offering an outstanding platform to get the recognition regional innovators deserve, and the rewards of promoting to a wider Australian audience.

BlinkMobile's CTO, Alan Williams and OVUM's Richard Absalom present at Enterprise Apps world 2015 in London.

The presentation is based from the White Paper,"Heroes get the glory, but Soldiers win the war", that Ovum wrote, and that we, together with our partners and customers, provided the case studies for.

Known for its beautiful natural setting situated between ocean beaches and bush land, Gosford was once considered as an exurb of Sydney.

But with businesses thriving, the region is showing its independence and positioning itself as the capital of the greater Central Coast region.

While many talented entrepreneurs once left the region for work or study, CEO of Regional Development Australia (Central Coast), John Mouland says the Central Coast in an exciting place to be at the moment.