Enterprise Apps World 2015 - Heroes Get The Glory, But Soldiers Win The War

  • Friday, 10 July 2015 10:22
  • Written by  BlinkMobile

BlinkMobile's CTO, Alan Williams and OVUM's Richard Absalom present at Enterprise Apps world 2015 in London.

The presentation is based from the White Paper,"Heroes get the glory, but Soldiers win the war", that Ovum wrote, and that we, together with our partners and customers, provided the case studies for.


So, what's the hero/soldier thing?
The central message, that many of you know well, is that whist organisations will spend (correctly) lots of time, design effort, development resources, sweat, tears and marketing on their most highly visible app(s) which are widely applicable and usually accessed from a public App Store ("Hero Apps"), they just cant lavish the same level of attention and funds on each of the many, many activity-oriented apps that they'll need around their organisation to improve efficiency and streamline processes.

Those "Soldier" apps will eventually make a major, often competitively significant, difference to the performance of the organisation and every enterprise needs to have a strategy for rolling them out. And even though there isn't going to be the same level of money, time and effort available for them, there's going to be an expectation that they look good, are straightforward and simple to use, link securely into all of the back-end systems that they need to touch, work on most devices and can be used online and offline.

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