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  • Tuesday, 04 November 2014 11:00

Civil DefenceMobility Solutions That Serve And Protect

Civil Defence is an area where the delivery of information is so vital, it cannot be left to a restricted range of technologies, devices or operating systems.

BlinkMobile’s New Zealand client had already invested in an iOS app, but the inconsistencies and complexities of the Android environment dictated a more flexible approach was needed. Beyond all the various ‘flavours’ of Android, there was also the requirement to service Windows, Blackberry and other ‘browser capable’ devices. Natural disasters do occur and access to timely information is not the sole province of those with the latest phone or tablet.

As this use case is entirely public facing and there was a pre-existing native app in all its glory to act as a benchmark, the significant challenge set BlinkMobile was to cover the widest range of other device types and operating systems, but still present a UI (user interface), navigation and advanced features that compared favourably with the native app.

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