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Similar to healthcare the education sector is a varied one, even when tertiary education is treated separately.

In this market BlinkMobile has a number of large private school clients who use BlinkMobile for apps that deploy valued information to parents and students. That could be as straightforward as important dates or announcements to highly changeable information, like delayed excursion times or alterations to sport locations, even wet weather notifications. More complex use cases have apps interfacing to the student management systems across 1500 schools in Brazil providing students and parents a convenient view of exam results and student progress.

BlinkMobile is also responsible for a comprehensive solution involving apps for an entire school system of some 150 primary and secondary schools. This multi-faceted solution provides a web app for school administrators to run queries on the student management system and then easily send parents and staff notifications either via SMS or via ‘push’ notifications to the parent app. The solution also involves apps for both teacher as well as parent use. Teachers have a simple mechanism to mark student roles when out of the classroom, report incidents, as well as access curriculum information ‘on the fly’. The parent app/s are customised for each school and provide school contact, location and mapping information. Also the ability to make purchases from the school store or order and pay for their child’s lunch.

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Trinity Grammar User Story

“I could see that the flexibility of the Blink Mobility Platform would be very useful. We could reconfigure whatever content or data we wanted. The other important thing was that the Blink Mobility Platform works with any internet capable device.”

Craig Sandwell, Director of Communications Trinity Grammar

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