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FinanceBanking On A Productive Mobile Strategy

Banks and Insurance companies are great examples of a sector that has focused on their cornerstone or ‘Hero’ apps. Those mobile offerings focused on consumer needs to ‘find an ATM’, ‘check their account balance’ or ‘make payments or account transfers’.

And, having lavished time, attention and millions of dollars on such initiatives, the next focus for Banks and Insurance companies is now naturally falling to internal work practices and the challenge of increasing productivity and reaching new levels of efficiency.

The process of managing consumer home loans and mortgages is a case in point. The first bank in New Zealand to use BlinkMobile saw an opportunity to revolutionise how they processed home loans via independent mortgage advisers, with a view to stealing a march on the competition. The traditional process was very time intensive requiring massive duplication of effort as data was manually entered and rechecked at many points in the process.

The client has used BlinkMobile to develop multiple ‘soldier’ apps that work both as web apps as well as hybrid native apps. Some apps are for consumer use while others are very focused on the needs of the mortgage adviser as well as their office administrators. The end result has been a process that’s highly refined and streamlined, works across multiple devices and promises consumers conditional loan approvals in 90 seconds.

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Westpac User Story

"The client reports a 30% time saving in the application process, SLA improvement from 41% to 74% (and improving) and 65% of applications that get conditional approval within 90 seconds."

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