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GovernmentVote #1 For A Smart Mobile Future"

Like the Local Government Authorities mentioned above, many of the higher levels of Government are also looking to enterprise mobility as the best way to achieve operational efficiency for its staff and contractors.

A major NSW Government department uses BlinkMobile for its infield inspections, reporting and issuing of non-compliance notifications in a highly regulatory driven environment. This enterprise mobility initiative has been highly successful in not just improving the ‘weekly throughput’ capability of each staff member, but the highly efficient process has generated extensive amount of goodwill with the corporations and organisations they interface with. This program will now be expanded from direct employees to the independent contractors who are authorised to conduct such activities on a commercial basis.

BlinkMobile has also been engaged at a Federal Government level on a number of projects, including the enhancement of healthcare services and mobile initiatives to improve the connectivity between employers and job seekers.

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