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  • Tuesday, 04 November 2014 11:00

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Tourism and events is another diverse sector with a myriad of use cases. BlinkMobile has enabled the rapid development of tourist focused mobile solutions in some of New Zealand’s most tourist dependent economic zones.

Local Councils have created tourism focused features with their BlinkMobile Council apps. Features like guided walks, interactive maps with points of interest and embedded audio streams, linkages back to historical archives, have all set some local government authorities above their state and federal counterparts.

Local councils also rely on their BlinkMobile service to support many of their sponsored events. A major music festival in Queensland had one of the first ever ‘event apps’ (provided by the local council as part of its community sponsorship and support) with extensive integration with many social media streams.

Event use cases range from the community natured above, to custom apps for international conferences and expos, to the pure commercial that served to further promote and engage paying patrons for a major motorsport event attracting more than 100,000 people. BlinkMobile is even used to deliver logistical support for a large triathlon series in South America, so participants and their supporters can track each athlete’s performance and standings.

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NSW Waratahs Case Study

“We turned to mobile information as a way of engaging the supporter base more by giving them better access to information such as player profiles or information about how to get to the game."

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