Transport & Logistics

  • Tuesday, 04 November 2014 11:00

UtilitiesDrive Your Mobility Strategy In The Right Direction

The business of transport and logistics is dominated by rosters, delivery deadlines, location and a need for seamless coordination. Add in the value provided by traffic management and route planning services, and you have an industry ideally positioned to transform itself on the back of mobile apps and affordable consumer grade devices.

Gone are the expensive bespoke devices we’ve long associated with couriers and delivery drivers. Even low end devices worth a few hundred dollars can scan and capture signatures but they also know where they are, where they’re heading and the best way to get there. Not to mention being able to access email, or get sent SMS’s or in-app alerts.

One of Australia’s largest transport and logistics operators is using BlinkMobile to streamline its vehicle inspections and safety reporting processes. Ensuring greater compliance with more stringent legislation and greater levels of safety for drivers and the general public.

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