Words like ‘fast’ & ‘rapid’ tend to be bandied around without any qualification.

But when it comes to enterprise mobility, speed is crucial. Speed needs to be more than a throw away marketing word! Speed drives time-to-market and advances a projects ROI. Speed also has a direct correlation to reducing the cost of delivering projects.

Recognising that a mobile business app can be achieved with a range of technology approaches. It’s apparent that ‘time-to-market’ without sacrificing enterprise grade infrastructure, reliability and support, is becoming a determining factor in many organisation’s choice of technology vendor.

So how does BlinkMobile address this need?

Importantly BlinkMobile’s approach is not one dimensional. Our claim to speedy/rapid app deployment is a culmination of 4 main factors, being:

  • technical attributes,
  • use of readily available skill sets,
  • methodologies and approach, and
  • commercial terms.

Technically speaking, BlinkMobile’s service is a ‘ready-to-go’ environment where app containers are made live ‘on demand’. This environment requires little coding and is configuration driven. It also provides all the underlying infrastructure, back-end server side processing and integration, with rich forms builders and an app development environment where many complex features (such as online/offline operation) are pre-built.

The above environment is designed to be driven by system administrators with good general web/html skills. Meaning that resourcing is as easy and cost-effective as it can be.

Most important however, is recognising that a powerful technical offering on its own, does not guarantee speed. The methodologies required to reduce ‘time-to-market’ are inherent in an activity-based apps (or Soldier Apps) approach. BlinkMobile has pioneered activity-based apps on the back of our agile and iterative development methods.

Such methodologies work seamlessly with our technical environment for rapid configuration of any number of ‘instantly live’ activity-based apps. And when combined with commercial terms allowing subscribing organisations an unlimited number of apps and no restrictions on number of users or devices, BlinkMobile’s service stands out as the fastest way to an enterprise wide adoption of activity-based apps.

"Both apps were completed within 4 weeks and had an immediate and positive impact on company revenue"

Anthony Bolack, National IT Manager, Onsite Rentals

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“It would have taken IT a year before helping us… with BlinkMobile we had an app ready in 11 to 12 weeks"

Kylie Kneale, Director of Third-Party Banking, Westpac NZ

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