Support Statement

The Blink Mobility Platform is provided as a fully managed service that includes:

  • Maintenance of the platform software
  • Software upgrades
  • Testing and development environments; and
  • Maintenance of platform hosting infrastructure.
BlinkMobile provides contracted clients a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that formalises BlinkMobile’s commitment to our customers and outlines our operational policies and practices in terms of fault reporting, response and issue resolution.

Applicable Services
The BlinkMobile SLA applies to the service provided on any BlinkMobile Multi-tenanted Production Service and Enterprise Private Services (EPS), but only in relation to a current and fully paid Customer Service Agreement. The BlinkMobile SLA does not cover any other services such as Demonstration, Test or Pilot services which may be provided by BlinkMobile.

First Level Support
BlinkMobile runs a partner/channel model for sales and support of end-client mobile solutions. Under this model the authorised Partner commits to providing first-level support to the clients they sign to the Blink Mobility Platform with BlinkMobile committing to second-level support of these partners and the end-clients. BlinkMobile commits to providing ‘first-level’ support for any direct client.

BlinkMobile Technical Support
BlinkMobile’s Tech Support is the primary point of contact for fault reporting and escalation of issues. Through the Tech Support Group, we will:

  • provide you with a 24x7 fault reporting facility;
  • provide you with a 24x7 Emergency Fault Reporting Service;
  • investigate and manage faults through to resolution;
  • update you on progress with fault resolution;
  • respond to enhancement requests.

Support enquiries and Fault Reporting
When Reseller Partners and or end-clients contract with BlinkMobile for access to the Blink Mobility Platform, they are provided with:

  • The URL to the BlinkMobile Support Portal (along with any user name and passwords required),
  • Along with instructions on how to submit Support Tickets
  • A global 24/7 emergency phone number for Emergencies, which goes directly to the on-duty support engineer