The Blink Mobility Platform comprises a unique combination of services and technologies addressing the myriad issues associated with large scale, rapid, multi-platform, ‘soldier’ app development.

Straddling the traditional sectors of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, mBaaS and MADP, enterprise customers value the speed and flexibility of our device side (BIC/App Shells) functionality, as well as our back-end services like user authentication, API development, workflow, notifications and version control.


  • Blink Intelligent Client (BIC) + Forms

    Device/client side web app platform drives app navigation and look & feel with support for offline operation.

  • mBaaS

    Server side and in-app integration of APIs, usage logs and analytics plus SMS and email services.

  • Development Service

    Agile, configuration driven server side development with a dedicated forms builder harnessing jQueryMobile’s UX capabilities.

  • App Shells

    Create extended native apps for Windows, Android and iOS from your BIC web app without coding.

  • Orchestration Services

    Manage work-in-progress, APIs, authentication, workflows, and integration with core business systems.

  • Managed Infrastructure & Operations

    The systems and people you need to provide a scalable, high availability, secure environment.

The Blink Mobility Platform

There are many challenges an organisation needs to face to properly develop, deploy and manage multiple enterprise apps. Learn why an enterprise mobility strategy is different to accumulating stand-alone apps and where an enterprise mobility platform adds most value.