Enterprise Ready

Right from the very evolution of our solution, every aspect has been purpose built with the needs of the enterprise in mind. This stems from the fact that our Directors and Founders all have extensive enterprise computing backgrounds with the likes of HP, Tecknekron, Tibco and SAP.

We understand the enterprise customer’s requirements around system resilience, backup and failover architectures. We employ CISSP qualified individuals to guide our system security and workflow designs, and we work proactively with clients on intrusion tests and other forms of risk assessment/management.

We understand and encourage a client’s need to run pilot programs and don’t insist on locking people into long term contracts. This understanding of the enterprise customer extends to industry leading SLAs and Escrow for clients to further secure their BlinkMobile investment.

Hero vs Soldier Apps

BlinkMobile have long campaigned in favour of user-first activity-based apps as the best way to successfully deploy mobility initiatives throughout an organisation.

Ovum refer to this approach as Soldier Apps

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