As the industry’s understanding of enterprise mobility matures, BlinkMobile is rapidly gaining an extensive range of clients across diverse industry sectors and geographies. BlinkMobile’s early adopter clients now number in excess of 80 and cover industry sectors of Government, Finance, Healthcare, Mining, Transport & Logistics, Airports, Tourism, Construction, Secondary Education, Industrial Services and Universities.

Under our PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) model, BlinkMobile in conjunction with its Reseller Partners maintains an ongoing relationship with all clients, providing technical updates and platform enhancements while also adopting suggestions based on client needs. We take pride in the fact that all our clients are referencable with many providing testimonials and detailed case studies on their BlinkMobile implementations.

BlinkMobile is now expanding its geographical coverage with recent clients across South America and UK/Europe via reseller and distribution partners in those geographies.

Hero vs Soldier Apps

BlinkMobile have long campaigned in favour of user-first activity-based apps as the best way to successfully deploy mobility initiatives throughout an organisation.

Ovum refer to this approach as Soldier Apps

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